Milk Plant

The Milk Process

Why buy local?

The milk here at McCray’s is not like the national or store brands you purchase at the big box stores.

Family owned and operated, we opened our pasteurizing pant in July of 2013 right here on our own property! ┬áIt’s GMO hormone free and VAT pasteurized giving it a rich creamy taste even at 1%, 2%, and skim.

The difference is the pasteurization process.

VAT pasteurization requires milk be heated to 145 degrees for a 1/2 hour, making our product naturally more creamy, with a shelf life of 19 days from the date of production.

HTST pasteurization utilizes microwave technology to rapidly bring the milk to 161 degrees for 15 seconds resulting in a generally less creamy product with a longer shelf life.

For those who enjoy a fresh glass of ice cold milk, the is nothing more wholesome and refreshing than the milk we produce here on the farm. You could say, McCray’s is the Starbucks of milk.

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What Do the cows Eat?

With a Herd averaging 50 cows, we make sure they have a very rich & balanced daily diet including:


hay, haylage, corn silage, grain, cornmeal, soy bean hulls, blueberry-pomegranates, & craisins.

Our GMO free grain is transported from Green Mountain Farms in Bethel VT



Nothing better than an ice cold glass of milk and an Oreo cookie